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Premises Liability

Premises liability is holding property owners liable for accidents, injuries, and deaths that occur on their property. This liability is based on the owner’s responsibility for the property’s condition and the duty of care for that property. Premises liability law depends on the landowner being negligent in regard to allowing the hidden dangerous condition. Claims

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Car Accident Tips

Call the police if anyone is injured after an accident. Even if no one is hurt, you should always call the police to report the accident. Gather information on the accident. You will have a better chance resolving the claim successfully. Often people politely say that they are ok when asked at the accident scene

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Personal Injury Claims

The basic question in every negligence case is whether the party responsible for the injury had a duty to provide caution or care, that he or she neglected to do so, and that the oversight was the cause of the plaintiff’s injury. Demonstrating negligence can become complicated, and personal injury claims are subject to a

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