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Premises Liability

Premises liability is holding property owners liable for accidents, injuries, and deaths that occur on their property. This liability is based on the owner’s responsibility for the property’s condition and the duty of care for that property.

Premises liability law depends on the landowner being negligent in regard to allowing the hidden dangerous condition. Claims can require significant investigation and expert opinions.

A number of parties could potentially be responsible for your injuries through a premises liability claim.

The most likely liable parties include:

  • The property owner – The actual property owner is often responsible for the property’s condition and for compensating you, if you are injured by a hidden dangerous condition or defect on their land.
  • The tenant – Both residential and commercial property are often leased to other individuals or businesses. When you are injured on leased property, the tenant may be responsible instead of or in connection with the property owner.
  • The maintenance provider – Property owners and tenants often contract their maintenance duties out to a third party. If you were injured because of a dangerous condition or defect that was the result of improper or lacking maintenance, this third-party vendor may be liable.
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