Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

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Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Fighting for the rights of pedestrian accident victims.

Pedestrian accidents tend to be frequently associated with runners, joggers, bikers, the elderly and children that run out into the middle of the street. In other words, they are associated with people that do not move fast enough to get out of the way of a moving vehicle when crossing the street. Inattentiveness on the part of the pedestrian is also blamed. The truth is that people of all ages can be victims in pedestrian accidents regardless of how fast or slow they move. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, these injuries can be quite serious and may even be fatal. It’s for this reason that you need to speak with a skilled pedestrian accident attorney at the San Diego Injury Law Center. Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers are here to help.

We have helped thousands of clients recover the compensation that they need so that they can pay for their current and future medical expenses, lost wages, and other applicable costs. It is very important to be able to eliminate the financial hardship that results from an accident that was the direct result of someone else’s negligence. Contact the San Diego Injury Law Center today to schedule an initial consultation. Our legal services team can help you in your time of legal need, proving you with a skilled Pedestrian Accident Lawyer.

Experience In All Types Of Pedestrian Accidents

We are experienced with all types of pedestrian accidents. We have had clients who have suffered injuries stemming from accidents in a number of circumstances, including:

  1. Crossing the street outside of a crosswalk
  2. Crossing the street in a crosswalk
  3. Walking through a parking lot
  4. Walking along a recreational trail
  5. Walking along highways and county roads
  6. Collisions with cars, buses, motorcycles, and bicycles

Trucking Accident Lawyers at San Diego Injury Law Center

Large Trucks, Big Rigs and Shipping Vehicles are all a part of daily life.  We see them on our streets and highways moving various goods through the city, around the state and even across the country.  While many drivers of these vehicles are attentive, accidents do happen, and sometimes these accidents are extremely serious.  If you or someone that you love has been injured in an accident with one of these large vehicles, its important that you speak with the Trucking Accident Lawyers at San Diego Injury Law Center.

There are many reasons why a large truck accident may occur.  One reason has to do with the size of these trucks and shipping vehicles.  Large trucks have many blind spots and are also difficult to maneuver. This means that truck drivers need to be extra careful when turning and merging to avoid injuring other motorists.  Particularly dangerous are jackknife truck accidents, in which a truck loses control and splays sideways across multiple lanes.  Another possible cause of large truck accidents involves poorly secured loads which may fall into the roadway, creating dangerous obstacles for fellow motorists.  Whatever the case may be, Trucking Accident Lawyers at San Diego Injury Law Center are here for you.

Another reason that trucking accidents occur involves driver fatigue and the practices of trucking companies.  Some trucking companies push their drivers too hard, forcing them to drive long hours without a break.  By tiring out their drivers, trucking companies are creating dangerous roadways for other motorists.  When fatigued, decision making is impaired and reaction time is slowed.  On top of these factors, fatigued drivers run the risk of falling asleep at the wheel.  Drivers and trucking companies need to be held responsible for this sort of dangerous negligence.


By working with a skilled trucking accident attorney from the San Diego Injury Law Center, you will be getting the legal help you need to deal with complex litigation.  The services of a San Diego trucking accident lawyer will be especially helpful if you have to deal with the attorneys of a trucking company or shipping company.  These legal representatives tend to be rather tenacious, so it is important that you have someone on your side that will fight diligently for your legal rights.

If you would like to speak with a trucking accident lawyer, contact the San Diego Injury Law Center today. 619-338-8230 Se Habla Español.

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