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When you step onto a city bus or put your child onto a school bus, you entrust the bus driver, the bus company and a host of others with safety and security. Passengers rely on bus companies and operators every day, and one simple mistake could cost the lives of everyone on board. Bus accident tragedies change the lives of families every year. Despite their overall safety features, school buses, intercity buses and public rail systems are not immune to accidents. Both vehicle occupants and pedestrians can fall victim to a collision. If you are injured on a public transportation carrier, such as a bus, light-rail, subway, or school bus, you could be entitled to seek justice for your pain and suffering.

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    Public transportation and national bus companies have large insurance and legal defense teams ready to protect the monetary interest of their companies. They will most likely offer a low-ball settlement. Hiring a personal injury attorney can make all the difference in getting the compensation you deserve.

    When a bus accident occurs, the consequences can be significant, both emotionally and financially, not only for the passengers on board but also for their dependents and loved ones. Our legal system has in place a mechanism to ensure that the costs of bus crashes are borne by those at fault, not by the innocent passengers and their families. An injury that occurs while an individual is using bus transportation may entitle that person and/or his dependents and family members to compensation. An effective personal injury attorney can help you determine if you have a valid claim for your injuries, and, if so, how to maximize your recovery. Call San Diego Injury Law Center for free advice at 619-338-8230.

    What to Do When an Accident Happens

    First, make sure that you and any of your loved ones receive prompt medical attention. Because buses are commercial carriers, their personnel will generally call for medical help for any passengers who might need it. Insist on a full medical evaluation of injuries.
    Contact a reputable attorney with expertise in handling bus accident cases. There are many regulations that are specific to common carriers, such as bus companies and government transit lines, and experienced bus accident attorneys will be able to determine how they apply to your case. Also, statutes of limitations restrict the amount of time you have to file a claim after a crash, particularly if a government entity is involved. Government entities usually have shorter terms within which to file a bus accident claim. You should only entrust your case to a lawyer who has experience and proven results in similar cases, to ensure that your case is handled competently and that the filing deadlines in your case are protected.

    What Qualifies as a Bus for Purposes of a Bus Accident?

    The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards define a bus as any motorized vehicle capable of carrying more than 10 passengers. The category includes school buses, large vans used for public transport, church buses, municipal transit buses, many airport shuttles, tour buses, trolleys, and interstate carriers, such as Greyhound buses. Most of these are considered common carriers under the law, and are therefore subject to state and federal licensing requirements and other regulations, but it is state law that will determine if bus companies and others are liable for compensating a passenger for injuries sustained in a crash.

    Greyhound and Tour Bus Accidents

    Greyhound buses, tour buses, and other commercial providers carry thousands of passengers every day, often on long-haul interstate trips. Accidents and crashes occur for many reasons, including driver fatigue, careless driving, negligence on the part of other drivers, dangerous road conditions, poor mechanical maintenance and defectively designed or manufactured parts.
    Many types of buses do not have lap or shoulder belts to protect occupants from being thrown around the interior of the bus or ejected in the event of a crash. While the driver’s seats in these vehicles must by law have personal restraint systems, the passengers may not be so fortunate, because the federal government does not require passenger seat belts. The government’s reasoning is that installing them would cost the vehicle manufacturers and bus companies money that, so far, the government believes they are not compelled to spend.
    Because of the lack of a mandate to install seat restraints, when a tour bus or a Greyhound bus crashes, riders are at a greater risk of being seriously injured or killed than would be the case if seat restraints were required. Although federal law does not require these types of vehicles to have seat belts for passengers, it is important for your attorney to know that some courts across the nation have nevertheless allowed suits to proceed against those responsible for deciding not to install them.

    Train Accidents

    There can be several people and companies liable in the event of a train accident, depending on the facts.
    In many cases, a train company can be found negligent in their actions, the owner of the railroad may have poorly maintained tracks and the manufacturer of the locomotive may be liable for defects n the train’s design.
    To summarize, there are countless ways things can go wrong leading up to a train accident. Federal and state laws add another layer of complexity to a train accident lawsuit.

    That’s why it’s important to always review your case with an experienced train accident attorney. SDILC has helped hundreds of train accident victims get the best results possible from an injury claim, and our experienced train accident lawyers are proud of the results we have delivered for our clients. Call Now for Free Advice! San Diego Injury Law Center (619) 338-8230.

    Statistics By The Numbers

    There can be a variety of factors at play in any kind of train accident.
    Whether it’s a train derailment accident, train crash, or a railroad crossing accident, the rail industry has made several safety advancements that have saved lives, but there’s also new technology available that hasn’t been implemented, and several train companies have lobbied Congress to push back deadlines to implement life-saving technologies, like Positive Train Control (PTC).
    This has resulted in a number of accidents that could have been prevented.

    Here are the most common causes of train accidents:

    Other noteworthy train accident statistics include:

    Trolley Accidents

    Compensation for Trolley Accidents and Injuries
    San Diego has a great public transportation system. The most popular of which is the “red-line” trolley system operated by the Metro Transit System (MTS) that runs throughout San Diego County. San Diego’s trolley system can take you pretty much anywhere you need to go throughout the City. Nearly 120‚000 people ride it every day.
    Unfortunately‚ the San Diego trolley system has been the site of serious and fatal injuries throughout recent years. These injuries can occur both inside and outside the trolley car. People have been injured while riding the trolley when the operator makes a sudden stop or if the train gets detailed. Outside the trolley car‚ many people have been struck and killed by a moving trolley car. At times‚ these collisions are not the fault of the pedestrian or bicyclist. Sometimes an operator will fail to honk their horn and warn the pedestrian of the train’s presence. Other times‚ the trolley car’s lights won’t work‚ and the pedestrian does not see the trolley car until it is too late. A trolley can injure or kill it’s passengers‚ pedestrians and bicyclists walking nearby‚ and car drivers who cross on the trolley tracks. Our top attorneys are here to help.

    Primary Causes of Trolley Accidents

    How Can Our San Diego Trolley Accident Lawyers Help?

    San Diego Injury Law Center accident injury lawyers are experienced trolley car accident attorneys. We have represented people that have been injured while riding on the trolley‚ and also people who were struck by a trolley. We have been able to attain favorable settlements for our client’s claims because we have been handling trolley accidents for years. If you or someone you know has ever been in an accident involving the San Diego trolley‚ please call San Diego Injury Law Center for a free consultation.

    Call Now for Free Advice! San Diego Injury Law Center (619) 338-8230.

    Trolley Accident Case Questions

    What Are Some Common Causes of Trolley Accidents?
    Trolley accidents are caused by a wide range of human and mechanical errors. Many times‚ pedestrians will step onto the tracks‚ and if the trolley does not turn on the necessary warning signals‚ a collision can easily occur. When the tracks or the trolley itself are damaged or poorly maintained‚ the chances of an accident occurring increase significantly. Also‚ if the trolley operator is inexperienced‚ inattentive‚ or intoxicated‚ the lives of passengers‚ pedestrians‚ and drivers are placed at risk. Accidents involving two or more trolleys on the same track have also occurred when the driver of one made a sudden or unexpected stop during a normal route.
    I’ve Been Involved in a Trolley Accident. Am I Entitled to Monetary Compensation?
    Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident‚ and who is at fault‚ you may be able to file a civil claim against the trolley company‚ the makers of the trolley itself‚ or the driver. Even if the responsible party is not found guilty of a criminal act‚ most of the time‚ the law will still allow you to take that party to civil court. If a judge determines that you deserve compensation‚ the court will decide the amount‚ not your lawyers.

    A court may find that the responsible party owes you for:


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      Types of Bus Accidents in San Diego

      Bus accidents in San Diego are, unfortunately, a common occurrence thanks to the wide reliance on buses to get us from place to place. As a bus accident lawyer, we see some common bus accidents, including but not limited to the following. 

      • Passenger van accidents: Several organizations like churches, schools, local charities and more will have passenger vans for transporting people to and from events. However, when loaded with 10 or more people, these vans can have a high chance of rolling over and causing severe injury when an accident occurs. In fact, several insurance agencies have actually stopped insuring passenger vans that carry 15 or more people. If you are in a passenger van accident, you shouldn’t be responsible for any medical expenses or other related charges. 
      • Public transportation buses: Public buses are growing in popularity but still have a dangerous reputation. You’ll notice there aren’t any seat belts or airbags on public buses, increasing the chance of injury when an accident occurs. 
      • School bus accidents: When you place your kids on the school bus daily, you trust that they’ll be safely delivered to school without harm. The sad reality, though, is that between 2010-2019 10,000+ injuries were reported each year as the result of a school bus accident. If you or your child has been injured in a school bus accident, you may be able to receive compensation. 
      • Shuttle bus accidents: Many businesses like hotels, airports or stadiums will utilize shuttle buses to help get guests to and from large venues. But accidents can occur even during these short trips to and from locations.

      What are the most common causes of bus accidents in California?

      The cause of bus accidents in California can vary greatly, but there are some common themes we see as bus accident lawyers. 

      • Driver error: Frequently, the cause for an accident is due to a human error made by the bus driver or another driver on the road. This type of negligence is common and can range from distracted driving to failing to stop at a stop sign. Since bus drivers have commercial driver’s licenses, they have more legal responsibilities than the average driver and can be held responsible for the accidents they cause.
      • Malfunction of vehicle: At the end of the day, buses are just large machines that can break down and have defects like any other equipment. Sometimes it’s found that an accident is due to a vehicle malfunction or defect. This can include a brake error, airbag defect, tire issue or other mechanical problems that cause an accident. 
      • Inclement weather: Bad weather is also a cause for bus accidents.  While some companies that operate buses will stop service during inclement weather, if a bus driver fails to adjust their driving for the weather conditions appropriately, they can cause an accident.

      How much do accident lawyers charge in California?
      While each bus accident lawyer can charge different rates, most work off of contingency fees. A contingency fee is paid if you win the case and will require you to give your attorney a portion of the settlement. Usually, this is around 33% of the settlement money. If you don’t win the case, you will likely have to pay court fees and other expenses, but you should not be required to pay a lawyer fee. Make sure you fully understand what fees you will be responsible for before hiring an attorney. 

      What kind of compensation can I get for a San Diego bus accident?
      How much compensation or settlement you receive for your case will depend on several factors, including the extent of your injuries, the judge or jury that hears your case, and who was at fault. You can get bus accident compensation for several things like: 

      • Property damage – If your car or property was damaged during the bus accident, you could receive compensation for its value. 
      • Medical expenses – Whether it was an ambulance ride or a more extensive procedure you had to get as a result of the crash, any medical expenses can be compensated in a bus accident settlement. 
      • Loss of income – If you missed time away from work or lost income as a result of the crash, you may be entitled to that money in your settlement package. 
      • Pain and suffering – Some things are hard to place a monetary value on but still require compensation. You can ask for money related to the pain and suffering you experienced due to the crash. 

      Speak with a qualified bus accident attorney to understand your options during the settlement. Make sure you get all that you’re entitled to. 

      San Diego Bus Accident Statistics

      Every year, the National Safety Council and Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration puts out a report outlining information on large trucks and bus accidents. Some sad but true statistics outline the frequency and danger bus accidents pose every day. 

      • Reports show that between 2011 to 2020 deaths reported as the result of school-bus accidents were 70% occupants of other vehicles other than the school bus. 16% were pedestrians and 5% were school bus passengers and drivers. 
      • In 2020, 68% of large vehicle injuries occurred to occupants of other vehicles – not the truck.
      • Most fatal large vehicle crashes occur in October.

      Due to their large size, buses are more likely to cause serious harm to the occupants of the vehicle or person they hit, causing irreparable damage and harm. Don’t be another bus accident statistic.  If you’re in the San Diego area, the San Diego Injury Law Center can help. We offer free consultations to determine if you have a viable case, and you pay nothing until we win your case. 

      Common Injuries from a San Diego Bus Accident

      Bus accidents can cause serious and permanent injuries to those involved. Some common injuries that we’ve seen include: 

      What is the statute of limitations on a bus accident case in California?

      As you consider the statute of limitations on bus accident settlements, keep in mind that the timeframe for civil cases is different than that of criminal cases. In California, you have two years from the time of the accident to file a civil lawsuit. This includes any wrongful death or personal injury cases. To make sure you file your claim within the statute of limitations, make sure to contact our bus accident lawyers to get the help you need ASAP. Consultations are always free!

      Do I need to report a bus accident to my insurance company?

      Reporting a bus accident to your insurance company is different than reporting a car accident. A few things should be considered when reporting your accident: 

      • Was your car damaged? If your car was damaged or totaled in a bus accident, you should report it to your insurance company immediately. 
      • Are you injured? If you are injured as a passenger on a bus, you don’t need to report it to your own insurance, but you should report it to the bus company’s insurance. This is considered a claim against the liable motorist, and you could be entitled to compensation. 
      • Should I speak to the bus insurance company? Don’t let the bus insurance company bully you into a settlement without understanding your rights. 

      If you have questions about your legal rights or what you should or shouldn’t do, contact us at SDInjuryLaw. WE can help you pursue legal action sooner than later and ensure you get what you deserve. Plus, you won’t pay us anything until you’ve won your case. 

      Bus/Auto Accident Case Results

      • $1.5 Million – Maricela S. – Bus Accident
      • $1 Million – Personal Injury M.L. – Auto Accident
      • $570,000 – Michael C. – Auto Accident

      How can a  San Diego bus accident lawyer help me?

      If you’ve been injured in a bus accident, our trusted team of bus and car accident lawyers at San Diego Injury Law can help you get the compensation you deserve. Our team of legal experts is skilled at negotiating settlements, ensuring you don’t pay a penny until we’ve won your case. Here are some ways hiring a bus accident lawyer can help you: 

      • Reach settlement. Since most personal injury cases are settled outside of the courtroom, a San Diego bus accident lawyer can help you negotiate and reach a settlement with the insurance company. Having a third-party legal expert represent you ensure you have the best representation and helps you get the compensation you are entitled to. 
      • Speed up the claims process. Some bus accident cases can take months or years to settle. With the help of a San Diego bus accident lawyer, we can help you navigate the red tape and get your case resolved quickly. 
      • Represent you in the courtroom. If your case goes to trial, you’ll want a qualified legal representative for your bus accident case. We’ll go head to head with the bus company’s litigator, and argue on your behalf. 
      • Walk you through the process. Filing a civil claim is a daunting task. Don’t go at it alone. Hiring a San Diego bus accident lawyer can help you understand each step of the process, so you feel informed and empowered to your compensation.  

      Legal representation can get you the justice you deserve. Contact San Diego Injury Law Center’s team of bus accident lawyers today!

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