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San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Reviews

San Diego Injury Law Center Reviews

I have been satisfied with the law firms promptness and attention to detail. Dianne has especially been courteous and genuine when relaying information and answering my questions. I would definitely recommend San Diego Law Center to anyone looking for a personal injury attorney.
Terry Spears
I am thrilled. I have never had my own personal injury lawyer before and I am absolutely thrilled they have reached a settlement. My phone conversations have always been delightful with them. I wouldn’t expect anything different if you are in need of a personal injury lawyer. Thank you San Diego Injury Law Center!
Edward Jones
I would strongly recommend San Diego Injury Law Center! They settled my mom’s case very quickly and efficiently. It was settled well beyond our expectations. Attorney Zhiming Wang who was helping us was very patient and very professional. I’ll definitely recom mend them to my family and friends!
Rebecca Qi
Very helpful with my personal injury claim. The attorneys did a great job negotiating my settlement. They answered my questions and responded to my emails and phone calls.
Blaire Denton
San Diego Injury Law Center is the BEST. When I was involved in a car accident and liability was disputed, the other driver’s insurance company refused to offer me anything for my personal injuries and property damage. I called many injury law firms but they all rejected my case. Luckily I called San Diego Injury Law Center and they accepted my case. The attorneys fought relentlessly for me. Eventually, the other driver’s insurance company accepted liability and paid me a fair amount for my injuries. I really appreciate the help! Thank you.
Chuxin Wu
San Diego Injury Law Center and David Achord are hands down the best attorneys in San Diego. The level of professionalism, know-how and ability to get things done is unprecedented. This firm runs like a well-oiled machine; with everyone on staff committed to doing it right and getting the best result. Having never been in this type of position before I did not know what to expect and was oftentimes not the best client to deal with. David Achord and his team stood by me every step of the way. They went above and beyond to get me the desired results that I needed. KUDOS to the whole team at this office. Well done!
Suzette Lundberg
After my wife’s accident the insurance company of the person who caused it offered her a few thousand dollars in personal damages. We told them we thought their offer wasn’t fair so they upped it a few hundred more totaling four thousand dollars. We decided to have San Diego Injury Law Center represent us. They were incredibly understanding, friendly, helpful and efficient. They lined up very good medical care for her and walked her through the deposition and mediation. They were able to get a settlement of $100,000. As far as we’re concerned, San Diego Injury Law Center is not only the best in San Diego — they’re the best in California. No … wait … actually they’re the best nationwide.
Swarup Hebel
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