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5 tractor trailers overturn on California freeway due to strong winds

Five semi-trucks overturned today on Interstate 15 outside of San Bernardino due to strong winds, a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol said.

Powerful gusts caused three tractor trailers headed northbound and two going southbound to overturn. The northbound trailers blew over into the right shoulder while the two southbound trucks are still blocking three lanes of traffic, causing a four-mile backup, the CHP said.

Boatman said both of the southbound tractor trailers toppled near the Sierra Avenue overpass and are within a quarter-mile of each other.

The California Department of Transportation is working to clean up a fuel spill from one of the two southbound trucks, Boatman said. Officials hope both rigs will be cleared within the next two hours.

Only one of the five truck drivers suffered minor injuries, CHP said.

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