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Trucker Suffers Serious Injuries After 18-Wheeler Falls from State Interchange

Interstate 95 and State Road 84 are two major roadways many South Floridians find themselves traveling on as each provides drivers with a route to get to and from some of the busiest cities. Unfortunately, the stretch of road where I-95 meets State Road 84 has proven to be one of the more dangerous areas to drive on as there have been a number of fatal crashes that have occurred there already. According to the Sun Sentinel, there have been at least six deadly collisions that have transpired at the interchange of ramps within the last six years.

In 2017, four juveniles suffered serious injuries, and another was killed after they were speeding in a Mazda and slammed into the ramp’s concrete barrier, according to the Sun Sentinel. The teens had allegedly been riding in a stolen vehicle at the time of the crash. After the vehicle hit the concrete barrier wall, it fell down onto the roadway below where it landed on its roof.

In more recent news, the Sun Sentinel reported on another tragic accident that occurred where the two roads meet, this time involving an 18-wheeler. It was early Friday morning when the truck crashed through the State Road 84 ramp from northbound I-95 and fell down below landing next to I-95. The driver of the large truck had to be extricated from the vehicle’s severely damaged cab and had to be transported to an area hospital. The source reported that industrial tow trucks arrived at the scene where they placed the “shattered cab onto the bed of a flatbed truck” and “lowered the trailer into a horizontal position” as it initially fell with the cab against the ground and the trailer lying at a 45-degree angle.

The incident resulted in two of I-95’s northbound lanes being closed off to drivers until about noon on Friday.

What caused the 18-wheeler to crash into the ramp’s barrier wall at the I-95 and State Road 84 interchange?

The source as not able to provide details as to where the truck was headed or what caused the collision but you can expect that officials along with other agencies responsible for overseeing the truck’s operations will conduct a thorough investigation into the crash.

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