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Pacific Beach Neighbors Rip Dangerous Driver From Truck

SAN DIEGO – Pacific Beach residents were seen running for their lives as a pickup truck slammed into several parked vehicles early Thursday.

Witness video captured the incident, showing a pickup truck revving its engine, screeching its tires, and slamming into vehicles. Witnesses said at least nine vehicles were damaged.

Another video showed neighbors holding the driver down on the ground until police arrived, one neighbor holding the man down in a headlock.

Someone nearby could be heard yelling, “don’t hurt him,” at the group.

Police arrive to detain the driver, but it’s not clear what led to the dangerous incident.

One neighbor who helped hold down the driver said his first reaction was to prevent anyone for getting hurt.

The driver was taken to a nearby hospital by police for minor injuries. Police did not say whether drugs or alcohol were a factor.

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