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Motorcycle Accidents

A fun ride on your motorcycle can come to an abrupt halt when a careless driver slams into you, but your fun and your financial well-being shouldn’t have to stop.

Picture this scenario, you’re enjoying the breeze while riding your motorcycle, you’re obeying all the traffic laws, and out of nowhere, another driver crashes into you.

As a motorcycle rider, this is likely your nightmare scenario. If it’s already happened to you, you know how physically, emotionally, and financially damaging a motorcycle crash can be.

While your short-term outlook may seem bad, remember that the law lets victims of motorcycle accidents collect compensation for their injuries if the accident that injured them wasn’t their fault.

Although most motorcycle riders drive safely and obey traffic laws, there is an unfortunate stereotype that suggests that bikers are aggressive motorists. Insurance companies are aware of these stereotypes, and they don’t hesitate to try to use them to increase a motorcycle rider’s insurance policy.

Because insurance companies are for-profit businesses, they’re almost always looking to protect their themselves. That usually means they’re looking for ways to reduce the compensation they give to you after your motorcycle accident.

One way insurers may try to do that is by painting you as the reckless motorcyclist so some of the blame is on you. Our motorcycle accident attorneys are aware of these tactics and know how to fight them.

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