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What Causes Boat Accidents?

Many negligent behaviors can cause boating accidents, but the U.S. Coast Guard reports the following as the most significant reasons boating accidents occur:

  • Operator inattention: Boat operators must be vigilant of their surroundings, just as vehicle drivers are, and must not text, drink alcohol, or be fatigued while operating their watercraft.
  • Excessive speed: Just as with driving, boat operators must adhere to reasonable speed limit regulations to prevent accidents.
  • Improper lookout: The boat operator may be considered negligent if they fail to use their vessel in a reasonable manner in regard to other vessel traffic. Operators must heed posted restrictions and watch for the presence of hazards to ensure the safety of others.
  • Intoxicated operator: Boating under the influence, or BUI, is just as illegal as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If the boat operator who caused your injuries was intoxicated, you can personally seek a civil suit against him or her, in addition to any pending criminal litigation the state seeks.
  • Reckless boating: This may include behavior such as weaving through congested waterway traffic, hitting waves at high speeds, boating between the hours of dusk and dawn, or entering a marked swimming area where boats are prohibited.

How Can a Boat Accident Lawyer Help Me?

If you were injured in a boating accident, you may want to sue the boat operator who caused your injuries. Seeking legal representation is a good way to start securing the compensation you are owed, as building a claim on your own can be highly complicated. Our attorneys at San Diego Injury Law Center handle personal injury claims, and we will use our skills and knowledge of the law to prove the boat operator’s negligence caused your injuries. We can help you collect all documentation necessary to prove your injuries were caused by the boat operator’s negligent or reckless boating.

Personal Injuries

If you’ve been injured in a boat accident your injuries may have stopped you from being able to carry on with your everyday life, which can be frustrating and difficult to cope with on top of the physical pain of your injury.

Along with physical injuries you may be suffering from:

We can help you take the steps you need to make it right and get the compensation needed to cover the impact of your injury.

San Diego Injury Law Center

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