Who Can File A Claim After A Car Accident?

If a car accident happens, there is usually at least one person who received some kind of damages.

These Damages Can Be:

• Personal Injuries

• Property Damage

That means that the person who suffered damages can file a claim against the liable party, and if proven to be a victim, get compensation for all damages.

The most common question asked is who can file a car accident claim?


The Victim

Usually, after a car accident, the police arrive on the scene and start writing a report. This police report will have all the details given by both parties involved. The police report will be used to determine the person responsible for causing the auto accident.

Additionally, the attorneys of both parties may conduct an investigation to determine the person responsible for causing the car accident. Once the investigation is done, the evidence gathered will be used to prove that one, or both parties are to blame. So, when fault is determined, whoever is not 100% at fault of causing the car accident, may file a car accident claim.

That means that even the person who is 80% responsible for causing the accident can file a claim to recover those 20% of damages. If there is a clear evidence that one side is 100% at fault for causing the car accident, the victim has every right to seek compensation for all the damages he or she suffered.

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