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Vista Transit Rally

SAN DIEGOSANDAG’s latest transportation plan for the future is focusing on taking money allocated for roads and putting it toward public transportation instead.

That shift has caused a split among elected official and between voters and their elected representatives.

This new plan comes from SANDAG’s new executive director Hassan Ikhrata who says, “We believe the time to build high speed rail, frequent, above and below ground, is now.”

Earlier this month Supervisors Jim Desmond and Kristin Gaspar said shifting funds to transit goes against the will of the voters. “Back in 2004 the voters knew what they were voting on. They were asked specifically do you want to relieve traffic congestion, and if so here are 15 highway improvement projects,” says Gaspar.

Both SANDAG board members say the four remaining projects being abandoned service residents in the north and east county.

At the Vista Civic Center Tuesday morning, a group of 30 plus local residents were sending the mayor and council members a message.

Unlike others in the north and east county this ad hoc group favors shifting funds from road improvements to mass transit.

This group is asking its city government to break its promise and keep the road projects saying there’s insufficient funds to complete them. Instead, look to the future.

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