What Are Unsafe Lane Change Accidents?

Unsafe lane change accidents occur when a driver changes lanes in a way that is dangerous or against traffic safety laws. Unsafe lane changes are a component of many car accident claims, especially those involving high-speed freeway crashes.

An unsafe lane change can result from:

• Distracted Driving

• Driving Negligently or Recklessly

• Speeding

• Poor Driving Conditions

• Other Causes

In some cases, an unsafe lane change accident can involve multiple vehicles and can cause serious injuries as well as property damage.

What are the Penalties for Unsafe Lane Change Accidents?

Penalties for unsafe lane changes can range from minor to very serious depending on the circumstances.

In minor cases, an unsafe lane change violation can result in a traffic citation or ticket, with the offender paying a small fine.

However, if the unsafe lane change results in serious injury or a major accident, penalties can begin increasing.

In addition, a civil claim may be brought by the victim or victims to recover losses.

Unsafe lane change cases that involve reckless driving, aggressive driving, or drunk driving can result in more serious criminal charges and may lead to a civil lawsuit for damages for losses such as medical expenses, hospital bills, lost wages, property damage, and other costs.

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