Types of Car Crashes

Just under half of all crashes involved a car hitting another car, with the next biggest category being crashes into hard objects.

The severity of related injuries are astonishing. On average, the most severe injuries occurred in multiple-impact crashes where the car also rolled and impacted.

Top Five Crashes

Stats show us exactly how people are crashing on the road. The top five crashes are listed below. Some are common in fatal crashes and some in minor crashes.

1. The Rear-ender
The most common crash. That’s why tailgating is such a problem.

2. The Side-on Crash
Otherwise known as getting “T-boned”.

3. The Head-On
Two cars whacking into each other – head to head.

4. Running Off the Road on a Straight Stretch
This happens when people are speeding. Tiredness and distraction are also problems and this type of crash can also often occur when drivers swerve to miss something on the road.

The Bottom Line

People injured in car crashes often end up in hospital, with a lengthy rehabilitation ahead of them and some people never fully recover. Of course, many people don’t survive.

Wearing a seat-belt is the simplest and most effective way to reduce the risk of injury in front-on crashes and many other types of crashes. There are other safety devices, such as airbags, that can also reduce the severity of injuries in a crash.

The truth is that most crashes can be avoided altogether through safe driving.

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