California Teen Driving Laws

If you’re the parent of a teen who is of driving age, you should know that:

• Before becoming fully licensed, California teen drivers must complete driver training and get a provisional permit, which they must be at least 15½ years of age to obtain.

• Before applying for a license, drivers in California must be 16 years of age and have had a provisional permit for at least six months.

• Applicants must pass the California Department of Motor Vehicles administered driving test before receiving a provisional driver’s license.

• During the first 12 months after teens are licensed, they cannot drive between 11 PM and 5 AM and cannot transport passengers under 20 years old, unless accompanied by a California-licensed parent or guardian, a California-licensed driver 25 years old or older, or a licensed or certified driving instructor.

After that provisional period ends they’re granted full driving privileges.

Learn More with the California Drivers Handbook: Special Section on Minors.

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 Teen Driving Laws