School Buses Add Stop Arm Cameras

School buses add stop arm cameras to photograph drivers speeding by

A Michigan school district is adding a new tool to stop drivers from passing when the stop arm is out and red lights are blinking.

Cameras mounted on the stop arm of Holt Public Schools buses are set up to photograph high definition photos of any vehicles passing. The photos will be able to show the driver, vehicle and license plate.

Police can use those photos to issue citations to the responsible driver.

Ingham County Sheriff’s Office offered the following advice for drivers to protect children getting off the bus:

• Prepare to stop when a slowing bus has its overhead yellow lights flashing.
• Stop at least 20 feet away for buses when red lights are flashing, unless driving in the opposite direction.
• Slow down in or near school and residential areas.
• Clues such as safety patrols, crossing guards, bicycles and playgrounds that children might be in the area.
• Watch for children between parked cars and other objects.

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School buses add stop arm cameras

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