1 killed, 3 injured as pickup tumbles down North County mountain

April 26, 2019

SAN MARCOS – A full-size pickup truck flipped over and tumbled down a hill in San Marcos, killing one person and injuring several others Sunday morning.

It happened in a hilly area west of North Twin Oaks Valley Road, in an area where homes border open hillsides criss-crossed by dirt roads. A large hill there is known as “P Mountain,” for a large letter “P” that sits above Palomar College.

Officials were called to the area around 8AM. A Chevy Silverado “went over the side” of P Mountain and “rolled down from the top,” San Marcos Fire Dept. said.

The pickup had four men inside, all in their 20s, and the driver was thrown from the vehicle. The other three people were rescued from inside the wreckage and all the men were rushed to the hospital.

The driver was declared dead at the hospital. The other three men had serious injuries but were expected to survive, sheriff’s officials said.

Investigators weren’t sure what led up to the crash — the car might have been driving off-road, or could have come off a nearby street or driveway. Sheriff’s officials did say that alcohol was a suspected factor in the crash.

Source: Fox 5 San Diego

CHP officers are investigating the crash.

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