Coast Guard Evacuates Man from Cruise Ship

SAN DIEGO – The San Diego Coast Guard’s Med Evacuation Team helped a 68-year-old man leave a Norwegian Star Cruise Ship approximately 200 miles off the coast of San Diego, Thursday.

At approximately 9:30 AM, the cruise ship contacted the Coast Guard in San Diego requesting assistance for a man who was displaying symptoms of a heart condition.

A MH-60 Jay-Hawk Helicopter crew was sent to assist.

The ship was 310 miles off shore when they initially contacted the Coast Guard, but diverted toward shore to meet the Jay-Hawk crew approximately 200 miles west of San Diego.

The crew lowered a rescue swimmer to provide care and assist the patient into the basket before being hoisted into the helicopter.

The crew transported the patient to San Diego shortly after 5:00 PM where emergency medical personnel assumed care of the patient and transferred him to UC Medical Center.

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Coast Guard Evacuates Man from Cruise Ship
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