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Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Please be on the alert and share the road with motorcyclists.

Motorcycle riders who have been cooped up all winter are excited to be out on the road again, but both motorcyclists and motorists need to be aware of their surroundings.

Checking blind spots, mirrors, and use turn signals when changing lanes.

Distracted driving has been on the rise, too. Distractions during driving could mean the difference between seeing a motorcyclist or not when preparing to change lanes. Don’t let one text change anyone’s life forever.

Drivers – Please follow these safety tips to be more aware of motorcycles:

  • Slow down, assess your surroundings, and don’t rush when crossing intersections, entering the roadway from a parking lot or driveway, or turning left. Always give yourself enough time to thoroughly check for motorcyclists.
  • When turning left, ensure there is enough time and space for the motorcyclist to clear the roadway before you initiate the left turn.
  • Don’t follow motorcyclists too closely and allow sufficient braking cushion between your vehicle and the motorcycle in front of you to give your vehicle enough room to come to a complete stop without a collision. Remember, a motorcyclist’s brake lights might not always be engaged when a motorcycle decelerates.
  • Always double-check your blind spots when changing lanes or starting to enter or exit the roadway. Adjust your rear and side-view mirrors.

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