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Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer Gets Bitten By Shark

He deals with all serious injuries, even shark bites.

A personal injury attorney from Georgia was bitten by a shark while swimming in the Wilmington River on Sunday, leaving him with 23 stitches on his upper right arm and chest, according to a report.

“It scared me, but I feel really lucky,” Gene Brooks told the Savannah Morning News about the attack. “It didn’t hit muscle, bone or blood vessels, so I’m good to go.”

Brooks said he was in the water “not even five minutes” when he felt a “pow” and saw the teeth marks on his arm and a small amount of blood.

“It felt like I got punched in my right shoulder by someone a lot bigger than me, which is what I’ve always heard it feels like when a shark bites you,” Brooks told The Island Packet. “I immediately started kicking and, I think, scared it away.”

The attorney for 35 years said he never even saw the predator — but joked that he doesn’t think it’s guilty of a personal attack.

“I don’t think it was trying to get me because it didn’t get a good bite,” he said.

“I think there were probably other fish around that it was after.”

It’s unclear what kind of shark it was — but doctors estimate the big fish was about four to six feet long.

Since the incident, Brooks said he’s been greeted with a boatload of personal injury attorney jokes. He plans to get back into the water, this time with a shark-repelling bracelet.

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