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Expensive Sports Car Destroyed in Crash, Driver Walks Away

RANCHO SANTE FE – A single vehicle crash in Rancho Santa Fe got a lot of attention today. The make of the car had something to do with it –and– the fact that the driver walked away. But that doesn’t negate the seriousness of “what could have happened.”

As we arrived early Friday morning, a larger than normal SDG&E repair crew was along a narrow winding road in Rancho Sante Fe called Avenida de la Acacias which traverses the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club.

The reason they were here: The overnight crash of a $200,000 Ferrari, which after going off the road, took out a forty-foot power pole, knocking out power to 84 customers in the area, including part of the golf club.

The reason “we” are here is the fact that not only did the driver apparently not suffer a serious injury, or worse, he got out of the exotic sports car despite the electrified lines that came down all around along with the pole.

To emphasize the danger of that, arriving firefighters and Sheriff’s deputies couldn’t access the car for an hour until the wires could be stilled. To their surprise no one was in the Ferrari.

The driver left the scene before the first responder arrived. Had he be ejected from the car. A search of the area, including by Sheriff’s helicopter, turned up nothing.

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